Coffee Shop 

There is a new shop in front of her usual hangout. “Coffee”,a blinking sign promises 24 hours of fresh brew.

She entered,a little hesitant,but the aroma coax her in.

Her doctor told her not to rely on caffeine anymore,her heart has suffered enough.

He said, “Too much heartbeat ain’t good.” 

“Well,that’s better than having none at all.”,she silently mumbled to herself.

She ordered something light,and went to a quiet corner. After a couple of minutes,she starts to regret coming in.

The problem with coffee shops is that they make you stay and brood over things that should not be remembered anymore. She wonders still of what could have been and what if’s. Waiting for answers from cappuccino and latte’s. 

She looked around.

The shop is full,and some coffees has gone stale. One by one,people started to leave. There were dissapointed look on their faces.

She learned that most people will enjoy a cup over honest conversations. That every sip,comfort floods in,a laugh or smile will make it warmer.

“Just one more cup. Stay. They’re coming.” The coffee is good,I guess the waiting made it cold.

Only 5 of them left,pensively gazing at the window,listening to the shop’s choice of song,or reading a book. One stood up to get a fresh fill.

There was no sense of anxiousness or desperation,no looking at watches every 10 minutes.

“Patient souls.”

She smiled and wrapped her hands around her still warm cup. She’s yet to learn how to be one.