Choose Love,Choose Christ 

This past few weeks,I am barely keeping myself afloat in a sea of hate. Every principle and doctrine that I learned is being put to the test,I can only manage to my shake my head or utter a simple reply to questions like “Are you pro or against?”

My mind wanted to choose a side,preferrably the winning one,but my heart knew that there is nothing victorious in a battle of contempt.

I slowly slide into apathy. A non-committal stand to whatever belief I have. I am an Ilocana and I respect my elders,but my views are not bound by my heritage or kinship. I have a strong stand for justice,but an “eye for an eye” has done more damage than good.

To what extent then do I involve myself into a generation clamoring for the right to be heard?

In the outburst of people’s emotions,I failed to see love. If it’s to bury the dead or to bring justice,love must have a bearing in all of this. Is it not the main goal of both parties?

To embody kindness and respect,to teach love. Are we not united by that main goal?

The Lord made all things,knows all things,and is above all things. He holds dominion over us,the King above all kings. Yet He gave us the gift of free will. He has freely given us reign of our emotions,must we waste it in breeding destructive feelings? Why are we participating in a culture that tolerates hate,greed and dissatisfaction?

Slowy,I resurface from my apathy. I chose one path,and that is to follow the Lord’s example of mercy and compassion. I will help pave the way for future generations. It will never be smooth,but I will tell my future kids to always choose the winning side,and that is Jesus and His love.

(Raw and unedited version,pasensiya sa aking grammar inconsistencies 😆✌️)