I live near a fire station and everyday I hear the sirens loudly wailing. “May nasusunog na naman na bahay/mga bahay.” I utter a simple fervent prayer.
Miracle. Hindi kami yun.

For everyday that I wake up,my first thought would be,”Uy ginising ka ni God.” But before the gratefulness sets in,bigla akong magwoworry. 

I think of the worries I have to face for today,and weakend at the thought of spending energy and draining the happiness I have been saving for the last couple of days I was happy.

Then I hear again the familiar wailing of fire trucks,I remembered the miracle,the blessing I was given.

Ginising ako ni Lord,sinasabihan Niya ako na,”Maniwala ka,andito Ako.” 

I bow my head to pray,I say my thanks,and go and exhaust the energy that God gave me,for I know,He will recharge me again for tomorrow. 

And as I go about my day,I stumble upon miracles that the Lord is set to give me today.