After the Wave

I look into my own today. 

What is happening or what has been happening? 

Physically,I am a whirlwind of activities,making each thing as purposeful as it could be. You think I would be contented,but I felt like I should be some place else.

I am in constant motion. 

Maybe the movement keeps me at bay,like a force of wave knocking you back to the shore,saying “Stay there,don’t step no more.”

A caution to those who are not contented of what is at hand,of what the “now” gives. 

But I brave the waves sometime. It hits me painfully with every splash.

Sometimes,I am successful. I go through a couple of meters,straightfaced and determined. 

Yet the strong roll of the sea water envelops me again,knocking me down,salt and water in and out of my mouth.

I never stopped. The sea was a refuge of my weary self. It coax me to come try,come swim,come be hurt,come be washed away.

It reminds me that maybe the blurred sign that I see,is a destination beyond the waves if I surpass it.

The sea is there,it is wide,possibilities endless and constant. The waves screams at you,whistles,screams,laughs hard,whispers quietly–COME HERE,BE HERE.

Be bold,like the mermaid who fell inlove. She was at home in her elements,yet she wanted to feel the earth beneath her borrowed feet.

Sacrifices are crucial,the years will be endless. The months will be vague,the days will be long,minutes ticking,and seconds frustrating.

Maybe you can wait. Maybe the waves will hush up. The sea will calm down.

And then you can walk calmy beyond the shoreline and say,”I have overcome.”

*I wrote this almost a year ago. It still stands true today.