What I Learned

As she scribbled something on a piece of paper,which I know is the plate number of my cab,I felt sad. I’m going to miss her.

My mother is someone dependable. So is my dad. They took separate paths but to me,I still see them as one. Both my pillars,people who held my hand when the world was starting to grow bigger. They taught me a lot of things,starting with first steps,which eventually I would need to take solo.

 They taught me that you can trust people. That you could give them ears,your voice,your thoughts,your heart. 

Generosity run in their blood like the Amazon river,full and deep and endless. They told me that a penny is just a penny,but love and gratefulness are treasures people will give back in return. 

Mom and Dad told me,”Make braveness your second skin.” People will hurt you,people will doubt you,and people will try to win your heart. He said that bravery is not standing up for your beliefs,but rather standing up for someone else’s cause you believe in them. She said bravery is not about winning battles,but accepting defeat and defying frustrations to rise up again. 

She is stubborn,so is my dad. I got irritated a lot of times cause they wanted the best in me,and I couldn’t give them that. But I misunderstood,they wanted what was best for me,an entirely different thing. It was their love and care,but I was curled in to a tight ball,hands covering my ears,not listening. I inflicted pain,I made them sad,but they never told me that they were disappointed. Instead,they showed me to love more,to care more. Kill them with kindness,indeed. 

There is an odd feeling in my heart,weary and anxious. They watched me grow up,and now it’s my turn to see them grow older. Sickness becomes their neighbor and hospital visits becomes routine. They would call to voice out colds that wont go away or headaches that are not relieve by pain killers. Sometimes they are just too proud to admit that they aren’t that strong as before,you know by the sound of their voice,they are weary also.

 They are not getting any younger. These 2 person,and all the people who took good care of me while I was growing up,will eventually ask for my help. It is my turn to be the dependable,generous and loving person they taught me.

I pray to God that I will make them proud.