He Loves Me 

What if love wasn’t that complicated?

The complexity of it came from layers of history romanticized by rocks thrown at windows so Romeo could profess his undying love to Juliet. Classic and romantic as it is,the fascinating thing to me about that scene is the reason that drove Romeo to do it. Their family hated each other,the world deemed they weren’t meant to be. So come hell and high water,Romeo needed to throw those rocks and make his feelings known.

Generation of love stories after that felt the need to measure up to what this tale have portrayed. We did not fail on this. Just ask Papa Jack,every night,people call him and share their heart problems. I laugh at most of them,related to some,and prayed that I’d never experienced what they have. Some of the guys aren’t Romeo’s,and the gals don’t even feel like they are Juliet. 

Years passed and that story’s tragedy still echoes today.

So,why is love so complicated? Why can’t it be grasp and embrace easily? Why does it need to be affirmed by things perishable and changing? 

Maybe we are loving for the wrong reasons. Maybe we are loved by the wrong people. And maybe we,ourselves,are wrong for them. And just maybe,we are not loving the right way.

Just this February 14,a question was asked, “Do you love me?”. So cliche that on a Valentines day,this was asked. Initially the “kilig” set in,then the pondering came,then confusion,because I should be answering now,and then there came my Yes. 

So on the span of 5 seconds that I did not answer immediately,was the time I was thinking,why me? What have I ever done to be love like this? To be asked of this? To be even considered? 

But you come to a point where you stop,say to yourself,”Sumagot ka!” and let yourself bask in that love. Here it is,a love so  overwhelming that no amount of I Love You’s can reciprocate it. 

And why does He even need to ask? 

I came to understand that He asked not because He wanted to be affirmed,but He was the one affirming us,that loving Him,saying Yes to him is gaining His favor,His mercy,His salvation.

Saying yes to Jesus is loving like Him. This entails a lot. This is a love so simple yet for us people of today,makes us choose to follow other paths. God made it look so easy,but every Lenten season,we are reminded that He sacrificed so much in order to fulfill His love for us. 

Have you seen love like this lately?

“You want real love? You won’t find it on Valentine’s day. You’ll find it on Good Friday. Crucified on the cross.” -Gelo Saludo,SFC