Laundry Day Everyday

Doing laundry is the most tedious household chore. Sort,wash,dry,fold. 

But I find it the most relaxing. The hours I spend on washing clothes,putting my energy into it,draws out the stress. 

And the process itself is fulfilling. Cleaning the stain,making sure it smells good. That way you can confidently wear it again.

Laundry is like self reflection in it’s simplest,and yes,weirdest form. 

You go about your day,you take all kind of dirt(literally and figuratively). Then you come home,shed of your clothing,stacking it on your laundry basket,it gets higher,dirtier. And then you do laundry. 

That is how life works right? The stress takes its toll on you,and then you need to wash it all away. 

Vacations,unlimited sleeping time,a good coffee,a book that has been waiting to be opened for like forever,or just good laugh and time with friends and family. 

Above all,you let God wash it off. He always have the best detergents and fabric conditioners for all that dirt. When He is all done,you come out clean. You can confidently walk and go about your day,cause you smell and feel good. 

Wow. Ain’t doing laundry fun? 🙂