Writing Happy

As much as I wanted to write something everyday for the past 2 years,I cannot. My time was limited to working(with different shifts),sleeping,eating and procrastinating. 

Okay,I was unproductive and lazy. 
Or maybe,inspiration was scarce. Cause we all know that the pen moves with a soul and a heart that is filled with longing to let the world know how happy or how broken it is.

I wrote before because I was lonely and my heart broken from a relationship that started with butterflies and ended too quickly with bitter regrets and unwanted memories. It wasn’t difficult for me to place the right words and put on the correct punctuation marks. The emotions were there,my hand moved willingly,gliding through the paper to immortalize feelings I cannot express.

And then I got tired of it. Writing sad words were too painful. It only reminded me how terribly wrong my decisions were. No matter how I made it beautiful with every figures of speech I can think of,it was still lonely. 

Then that was the time I stopped. I told myself that if I’m going to write again,it wouldn’t be of heartaches,dissapointment and frustrations. 

Now,I just realized that I have a lot to be thankful for the two years that my pen had kept it’s cap on. It only meant pain was not there on the two years I laid low,there were no dissapointments or frustrations that should have stirred old feeligs of writing lonely. 

I was happy. I was contented. My world was a series of surprises,new friends and a faith growing with each day I wake up,realizing my God has blessed me. 

And I still am happy. There might have been few steps I should have not taken,or words that I have left unsaid,but my heart is happy. 

This year,and all that will come after this,will not be for the “lonely writers club”. This will be a compilation of everything that is good in  me,in other people’s hearts,and in praising the goodness and glory of God. 

Be a part of it,let us start writing “The Chronicles of Happy”.