Strangers No More

I almost forgot how it felt,like an old bench in a park where I used to sit to enjoy the sun. 

Hey,I told myself,this is not something new,and the feelings touches old bones that haven’t trembled for too long.

But it’s a good old. Like summer breeze when you used to ride that bike,letting the handbars go and throwing fits of laughter while your hands are in the air. Free and merry.

I feel elated and out of balance. A child weary of staying at home and taking naps but too fearful to step outside cause some stranger might take her hand and take her away.

Stranger. Aren’t we all like that to some people? 

But few are brave enough to cross the barrier of anonymity. Some extend their hands and offer a smile. You feel it growing,like buds of roses waiting to bloom. 

Somehow,it all boils down to courage. From you were young,when you took your first step,a gnawing fear that they would let go,but you took that leap. Applause greeted you with every baby step. 

Why don’t you take thay leap now? 

My courage fail me most of the time,but perhaps now,a smile and a comforting feeling that I have known you all my life,might just be what I need to take a chance.